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The Art of Breathing

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The Art of Breathing, developed by Jessica Wolf, merges the Breathing Coordination Methods of Carl Stough and the Alexander Technique. Both F.M Alexander (1869-1955) and Carl Stough (1926-2000) worked to free and develop the consistent synergistic functioning of the muscles of breathing using maximum (muscular) efficiency with minimum effort. Each discovered the negative effects of poor respiration on the whole system and each, in his unique way working individually with people, helped to restore improved breathing coordination.

Jessica Wolf, one of a handful of USA Alexander Teachers teaching for 35 years, studied with Carl Stough for 20 years and developed the Art of Breathing. In Jan. 2014, I completed Jessica's post graduate training in The Art of Breathing for Alexander Technique Teachers and have continued to apply the work to myself and my students with gratifying results.


  • Learn to recognize interference with your breathing and restore your natural breathing rhythm.
  • Learn to allow for an easy exhalation which will facilitate a natural, free, and easy inhalation.
  • Understand the connection and interaction of breathing and postural alignment.
  • Recognize and learn tools to change habits that interfere with creating sound, allowing the voice to ride the breath.
  • Learn to appreciate the importance of coordinated breathing to emotional and physical health.

People who benefit

  • Everyone can benefit from a freer and more natural flow of breathing and increased vitality, greater reduction of CO2 and toxins and increased oxygen.
  • Singers, actors, lecturers, and people who speak a lot in their work find less tension or strain and enhanced performance.
  • Respiratory conditions and stress often lessen with improved breathing coordination.

"Breathing Coordination is breathing in that individual pattern that engages all the muscles of respiration both voluntary and involuntary, and provides the most efficient deflation and inflation of the lungs with the least amount of effort."
Carl Stough

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