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Lessons & Workshops

Individual Lessons

The goal of each lesson is to assist you through words and gentle hands-on guidance in unlearning unconscious and inefficient habitual movement patterns. Dressed in loose fitting, comfortable clothing, you will be guided through very simple tasks such as sitting, standing, and walking. You will learn to observe and change habits in these most basic activities. The principles of the technique are explored and worked on in a variety of ways in each lesson. These principles are explored more deeply as more complex movement is added.

repetition repetition repetition repetition repetition repetition

Repetition is necessary to stimulate new thinking patterns.

The repetition is necessary to stimulate new thinking patterns, which then stimulate the nervous system to bring about a neuromuscular change. All activities are mental as well as physical and many problems that are thought to be only physical cannot be resolved without involving our thought processes.

Over time I may use less guidance with my hands as you are able to integrate the technique and stop old patterns and habits and choose a more organized and balanced way to move and react. As your use improves, more complex activities maybe explored such as playing a musical instrument, working at a computer, speaking/singing, or re-learning to walk after a hip replacement. The degree of challenge provided in a lesson will vary from student to student.

table workTable work Since habits can be resistive to change, a part of the lesson may take place lying on a table. I can help you change some of your habits and release excess tension without the interference that often comes in dealing with gravity - being upright and moving.

In studying the Alexander Technique, you will gain invaluable practical skills to recognize and stop inefficient patterns of behavior that interfere with how you move and respond to a variety of stimuli in your environment. Your mind-body communication will become more refined and accurate so that you can make conscious choices of how to do whatever you choose to do.

Workshops and group classes

Introductory classes and workshops for anyone interested in learning about the Alexander Technique can be arranged by contacting Nada.

Classes and workshops can also be tailored to meet the needs of specialized groups who are interested in learning about the Alexander Technique and applying the method to their activities. Such groups may include:

Office Worker
  • Office workers
  • Health practitioners such as dentists, nurses, physical therapists, and massage therapists
  • Performing artists such as actors, dancers, musicians, singers
  • New mothers
  • Yoga and exercise teachers
  • Equestrians

Week long workshops and
residences in special areas of expertise

Alexander and Dance

Nada has conducted numerous residences and workshops in university dance departments and with dance companies combining her rich knowledge of many somatic approaches with forty years of dance training. She can offer:

  • The Alexander Technique with direct application to dance training
  • The modern dance technique of Erick Hawkins infused with Alexander principles
  • Application of Alexander Technique to performance and choreography
  • Individualized technique and performance coaching
  • Choreography or structured improvisational performances incorporating Alexander principles

Nada teaching Alexander Technique to dancers in Brazil

Nada teaching Alexander to dancers in a group setting in Brazil, 2009

Alexander and Massage Therapy or other Body Work

Nada has been a certified Muscular Therapist in the Ben Benjamin System of Muscular Therapy since 1983 and was on the faculty of the Muscular Therapy Institute. She has worked with many massage therapists, Craniosacral practitioners, and other body workers in helping them to use their bodies more efficiently and to avoid pain and over use injuries by applying the Alexander Technique. Workshops may include:

  • Observation and awareness of self while giving a treatment
  • Video recording and analysis of therapist‘s movement patterns and habits
  • Basic principles of the Alexander Technique
  • Direct application of the Alexander Technique while working
  • Hands on guidance while giving a treatment

Fees and Cancellation Policy


Nada guiding a rider mounting her steedFees for private lessons range from $50 to $75 per lesson depending on the length of the lesson. The rate is reduced with a purchase of 3 or more lessons.

Workshop fees vary with the number of days and hours involved. The average rate is $100 per hour. Fees for weeklong residences may be negotiated.


Please give notification of cancellation 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Missed appointments will be charged half the normal fee for the first two times. After that, the full fee will be charged.

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