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The following quotes are typical of comments that I receive from my students.

“Nada makes a difference in my life. Because of her lessons, I am more aware of my body movements. This has helped me in my everyday actions and my athletic activities.”

Lee Alston,
Economics Professor, CU Boulder

table work“I had chronic neck and shoulder pain for many years. Tasks in my rose garden were becoming more and more difficult for me. I even had expensive cortisone injections in several facet joints in my neck! The pain kept coming back. I was getting scared that I’d have to live my life this way and without my beloved gardening. THEN I started taking Alexander Technique lessons with Nada. Within the first month the pain was diminishing. It kept diminishing and has now been gone well over a year. I particularly appreciate the fact that Nada has given me the tools to help myself discover a healthier way of functioning in daily life! THANK YOU Nada!”

Lynn Nichols,
General Manager & Casting Associate
for Colorado Shakespeare Festival
Sr. Instructor, Theatre & Dance, CU Boulder

“Nada's expertise in AT and her gentle and confident spirit are a perfect match for singers needing to integrate effortless breathing and total relaxation into their artistic practice and performance. She meets you where you are, knows where she needs to take you, and guides you every step of the way. I can’t imagine working with anyone else, and I’m grateful to Nada for the significant difference she has made in my singing. ~”

Janet Braccio,
Mezzo-soprano, Boulder, Colorado

Nada examining Josselyn's use“Working with a teacher who is as insightful, compassionate and intuitive as Nada has allowed me to free much more than excess tension in my neck, it has given me freedom to re-discover myself as an integrated being.”

“Nada’s experience as a dancer, teacher and choreographer as well as a master AT teacher allowed her to first connect with me as a dancer, using language in our lessons that made sense to me on a bodily level. Over time, my lessons progressed to explore deeper inhibition and direction, not just to use in dance class, but in life. I know the reason my study of AT with Nada was so successful personally is because we shared a common bond, dance.”

“I have applied the valuable information I have learned and embodied from my study of AT in my dance performance, choreographic process, dance classes I teach and in my life in general.”

Josselyn Levinson,
Professional dancer & graduate student

“you are an exquisite teacher—supremely knowledgeable, creative, patient, kind, and fun—and i have learned so much about my own anatomy, movement patterns, habits, and ways of thinking, doing, and being. i'm increasingly able to bring deeper understanding and a wider range of options to my daily activities and life in general, with a greater sense of connection, ease, pleasure, and possibility. it's always highly effective for me to work with an expert one-on-one, with sessions specifically tailored to my needs, abilities, and interests. alexander technique can be a little mysterious at first, and you are a wonderful and able guide!”

patricia broderick,

Stirrup adjustment“Approximately 20 years ago I started having severe headaches that would make me violently ill and could put me in bed for several days. In addition, I injured my back when I was in my early twenties and as I got older I would strain my back so that I would not be able to stand up straight. I own my own business, work full time, and enjoy being athletically active. These issues were definitely having a negative affect on my quality of life both at work and at home. After having Alexander sessions for eight to ten weeks, I noticed a significant change. I have continued to have AT work done over the years and I am able to stop most headaches before they become severe and no longer have major problems with my back. I have had work done with different AT instructors, but Nada Diachenko has been the most informative and has helped me progress to a whole new level. Her understanding of the technique and ability to help me understand and apply AT has helped me make this a way of life. I truly believe that it has not only improved, but saved my quality of life as well as improving my posture and ability to continue to be athletically active.”

Pam France,
Certified Public Accountant

"Nada is a fantastic example of what a teacher should be. She is caring, patient, and extremely knowledgeable. Working with her has been absolutely life changing for me as I have always struggled being a tall guy in a small world. She has helped me really come back into my true self and regain my natural poise. Thx a million Nada!"

Eric James, Entrepreneur

Nada working with a clarinetest“I came to the Alexander Technique to address chronic pain in my shoulder, wrist and hands which is a common ailment to professional clarinetists. Within my first six months of weekly private study and coming to my instrument with my new awareness, my pain had completely dissipated leaving me free to practice and perform for hours! Now in my fifth year of bi-monthly private lessons, I appreciate the depth of the Alexander Technique even more fully. Living a life of good use allows me to feel so much more comfortable and full of energy during all of life’s tasks, large and small. Nada has been my most important and influential teacher throughout the journey. Her abundant knowledge and understanding of the body and of the Alexander Technique have taken my study to levels I never imagined possible. The Alexander Technique proves invaluable to my life as a musician and as a happy, well-balanced person.”

April Johannesen,
Professional Clarinetist

“As a classical cellist, I have suffered from numerous back-related aches and pains over the years. I came to the Alexander Technique after trying Yoga, massage, chiropractors, general stretching, and occupational therapy to relieve the pain, with minimal success. Having been a student of the Alexander Technique for quite a few years, I have worked with several different teachers. Nada is fantastic and I love her style of teaching! She is able to strike a wonderful balance between providing technical information and giving the student effective kinesthetic experiences. I also love the way that she keeps the student moving. Overall, working with Nada has been a great learning experience for me.”

Clayton Vaughn,
Professional Cellist

Photography by Heather Gray“Nada, your class and the Alexander principles have aided me in finding a new dancing self (cheesy I know, but it is true), one that I had no idea existed. Thanks for the help in finding the freedom to move and let go, for your constant support throughout the semester and for a newfound fulfillment, freedom and thrill in moving. It is almost as if my body is doing everything again for the first time, but with more ease, a new sense and better understanding of self, and a new lighter, more complete joy in moving.”

Stephanie Kobes,
Professional Dancer & Choreographer

“Practicing the Alexander Technique has completely changed my approach to life, both in my creative endeavors as a performer and in my daily activities. Working with Nada has helped me understand more clearly my own anatomy and movement tendencies, which leads me to more freedom and ease in every moment. Nada’s masterful expertise of the function of the human body, along with her gentle wisdom, and intuition about each individual student make her a remarkable teacher.”

Jeanine McCain, Theatre & Dance
Performer & Instructor

“I am very pleased with how the conference went and how much I used AT to help settle myself down and stay focused during the presentation. I consciously used AT while I was presenting.”

Penny Cole, PhD,
Actor & Instructor at CU Boulder

Table work“Except for deep tissue massage, I'd given up on alternative modalities for relief of pain. But then a friend convinced me to try Alexander Technique with Nada. I was amazed that this worked better than massage. Not only that, with Alexander I'm less dependent on a practitioner; I can take what I've learned in lessons and apply it - to myself, on my own, as I need it.”

Hamel Bloom,
Polio survivor

The following are from the evaluations of students in my University of Colorado Alexander Technique courses.

“Overall, the Alexander Technique has given me a clear lens to look through to organize my body. This has manifested into less pain as well as clearer alignment and expression. I certainly feel less excess tension in my daily activities.”

“As I learn to inhibit the overuse of my quads, my movement feels freer and I have experienced 80% less knee pain.”

Katie Key,
Dance graduate student

photo by Vernon Windsor

“I feel like I’m finally performing at my full potential and not allowing nerves to sabotage my dancing.”

“... now those (AT) concepts will help me to stop driving my body into oblivion and my longevity as a dancer will benefit because, let’s face it, a 27 year-old shouldn’t be waking up with lower back pain every morning.

“I’ve experienced change in activities like walking, running, going up stairs, typing, and even when trying to go to sleep...”

“My performance anxiety has decreased a great deal particularly in the physical manifestations of that anxiety such as shakiness and shortness of breath...”

Michael Richman,
Dance undergraduate

Head positioning“Encountering Alexander this semester has opened a door to freedom-physical, spiritual, emotional-that I have been longing for, for many years.”

Daniella Vinitski, Theatre PhD

“Certain moods trigger different patterns, for example stress makes me tighten my neck and chest. I can use my (AT) practice to inhibit and release those muscles, which in turn helps me to focus and feel less overwhelmed.”

Keli Fowler,
Dance undergraduate

“This semester has been extremely useful for me in developing a healthy body. I truly sense a dramatic difference in my body ... I notice a general lengthening and widening, but at the same time a softening and a strengthening. I actually seem like a different person in some instances. I’m thrilled that Alexander seems to have been so useful for me and I am eager to continue to practicing.” ... I’m fairly certain that a newfound confidence and ownership of my body was part of my change this semester.”

Hayley Muth, Dance undergraduate

photo by Vernon Windsor; Hayley Muth dancer

“Throughout the course of the semester, subtle habits of mine have changed. For example, I no longer lean forward with my chin to take a drink from a cup. When I take my shirt off, I no longer tilt my head back as though it is coming off. I no longer physically brace myself on the shower walls before the water hits me.”

“I also find that transitioning between many dance forms like B-Boying, African, Popping, Modern, Locking, Housing, and Jazz is much easier and a lot less painful. I attribute this change to what I have learned about the Alexander Technique.”

Michael Mestas,
Dance graduate student

Photography by Heather Gray; Hayley Muth dancing“Inhibition has really helped me in all activities to wait, pause. Instead of rushing and causing stress that spins out of control, I have found that I am taking things slower and allow certain processes to evolve naturally. I also now have a sense of the whole. The idea of directing the spine and moving fluidly and easily has really helped me to find the connection between the mind and body; they are not longer separate.”

Esmeralda Kundanis-Grow,
Dance undergraduate

“It is amazing how one thing such as Alexander, can profoundly change oneself in such a short amount of time. I know I have years ahead of me to continue working on a mindful being, but even just this first step has made a huge impact on how I see myself, make decisions, and handle life.”

Kasey Jenson,
Dance graduate student

Nada with Fred, the skeleton With the help of my little skeleton, Fred, and with muscle and skeleton charts and diagrams, I help my students gain a deeper understanding of how their body is organized. This information aids the individual in developing a clearer map of where bones, joints and other structures are located. This knowledge facilitates learning AT and I find it also helps students to progress more quickly.

“Because I learned an accurate body map of where my hips rotate and move, along with the distribution of weight through these hip joints, my legs and feet have improved. I find I am running longer and with no injuries at all. This is a huge change for me! I usually have something aching after a run but I can honestly say I have felt great... I feel lighter instead of trudging along, and I feel good.”

Kelsey Chilton, Runner & dancer

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